Caszarry Family: Adolfo, wife Cynthia, and their daughter Malena

Caszarry Family: Adolfo, wife Cynthia, and their daughter Malena

Adolfo Caszarry grew up dancing salsa and Caribbean dances such as  salsa,merenge, cumbia and mambo.  With a mother that loved and listened to tangos throughout his childhood, Adolfo became familiar with the lyrics of most of the tango songs. But it was not later in his life that he discovered his passion for tango dancing. He soon found himself in Buenos Aires, determined to specialize in learning, developing and sharing what is called the milonguero, club style,salon or just “close embrace” tango. Adolfo is constantly working and sharing the style that focuses primarily on the embrace, connection, subtle weight changes, and a suave but assertive upper body lead while emphasizing partner awareness and musical interpretation. Adolfo’s tango style and dancing philosophy have been influenced by mostly close friends such as Pampa Cortez, Mariana Dragone, Christy Cote,Facundo Posadas,Daniel Lapadula and other tango masters like Carlos Gavito, Jorge Torres, Oscar Mandagaran, Julio Balmaceda and others.

For many years, Adolfo taught with Christy Cote in San Francisco at Cheryl Burke Dance Studios, Currently, they teach classes focusing on the “close embrace” style at “The Verdi Club”. He also teaches at La Cumparsita at the “Slovenian hall” and at  “El Arrabal” in San Francisco, occasionally in San Mateo and is available for private classes. Adolfo also enjoys spending time with his daughter Malena.

  • Tango al Punto

    Tango al Punto.
    Si Andas con muchas ganas de bailar
    Tango del bueno...
    vestirte lindo
    en un ambiente agradable,
    encontrarte con viejos amigos,
    hacer amigos nuevos y poder
    sumergirte en ese
    "sentimiento que se baila...
    llamado tango"
    Te vamos a esta esperando.

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The Verdi Club Milonga

Every Thursday night from 7pm - 12:20am I host the Verdi Club Milonga with Christy Cote. Visit the Verdi Page for information on the featured guest teachers and performers. Verdi Club Milonga -->

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